Foocredit: Marwan Magroun.
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31 December 2020

Roffa's Creators

Who are Roffa’s Creators?

Want a look at how different subcultures spend their nights out or would you rather take a peek behind the scenes at Rotterdam’s hairdressers? From nightlife to bicultural backgrounds, Roffa’s Creators show what’s going on. They’re seven young makers who document the world in Rotterdam. Surf to our website to view work by Stacii & Chelsea, Samantha, Marwan & Meryem, Delicia, and Mark and Stephany.

Why online expo’s?

The World Museum is currently being refurbished through June 2019. The entire building is being optimized. The different expositions of these young makers can be admired online. They’ve made free work for the World Museum under the collective banner of Roffa’s Creators.

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Fotocredit: Marwan Magroun.
4 March 2020

Roffa's Creators | Marwan Magroun & Meryem Slimani

Marwan Magroun and Meryem Slimani share their views on fashion and culture in a series of photographs.
Mami Wata
1 March 2020

Roffa's Creators | Stephany Caparn

Stephany Caparn maakt fotoserie Earth Girls voor Wereldmuseum.
Foto: Mark Bolk.
1 March 2020

Roffa's Creators | Mark Bolk

Mee naar verschillende kapperszaken in Rotterdam.
Fetisj. Delicia Celik
1 December 2020

Roffa's Creators | Delicia Celik

Delicia is partyfoograaf en duikt verschillende subculturen in.
Home. Chelsea Breur en Stacii Samidin
1 October 2019

Roffa's creators | Stacii en Chelsea

How does cultural background define Rotterdammers?
Samantha Coleridge
1 March 2020

Roffa's Creators | Samantha Coleridge

De ondernemende Samantha Coleridge neemt je mee op avontuur in het Wereldmuseum.
Soña Lee, Wereldmuseum illustrator
1 October 2019

Roffa's Creators | Soña Lee

Eigenzinnige illustraties

Soña Lee woont in Rotterdam, komt uit Zuid-Korea en is illustrator.