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Check out below what there is to see and do in Rotterdam and at our other locations: Wereldmuseum Leiden and Wereldmuseum Amsterdam. Our research institute RCMC (Research Center for Material Culture) organizes events at various locations.

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Aida Muluneh, Star Shine Moon Glow, Water Life
Nu te zien

A World In Common

A World in Common: a celebration of contemporary African photography. Curated by Tate Modern, London i.c.w. with Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. Link
Nu te zien

Colonialism and Rotterdam

The exhibition shows how the global legacy of colonialism is still reflected in today’s city, and highlights where local, national and international histories meet. Link
Kruispunt, Rotterdam
Permanent expo

Exhibition Kruispunt Rotterdam

The World Museum’s collection in a contemporary context. About cultural dynamism, movement and innovation. Link
MuseumBuddy Wereldmuseum Rotterdam
On request


The museum offers free museum entrance to newcomers and volunteers who coach them. Link
Superstraat Rotterdam
Permanent expo


The do expo for inquisitive children. Come join Neighbours' Day in Superstreet! Link

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