Families and children

Wereldmuseum is a museum for and by Rotterdammers. We cherish a collection of more than 83.000 objects from 125 world cultures. These objects have been brought together by Rotterdammers since the 19th century. It is precisely in this super-diverse city that a museum with a global collection can play a connecting role. The more children learn about other cultures and how they have influenced each other (and still influence each other), the more children realise that - despite our differences - we are all the same: people.

Permanent exhibition Superstraat/Superstreet

Superstraat / Superstreet is an inclusive exhibition about the cultural diversity of Rotterdam, aimed at children aged 6-12 and their families. We invite the youngest generation to delve into their super diverse environment and give them an action perspective to take an active role in their own street. Children experience that it is valuable and fun to embrace the unknown with curiosity and an open mind.


Dealing with the challenges of a super diverse city, we focused on the following question: “How do we define culture and cultural identity in a world of diversity and migration, and how can we match a complex and abstract subject such as ‘cultural identity’ to a child’s perception?” We demonstrate our commitment by establishing a playful exhibition about superdiversity that will be on display for 5 years

Superstreet exemplifies how intensive research, a substantive museum concept and design techniques can be integrated into an interactive experience for children & families. The exhibition is linked to a universal theme (living together). Interesting aspects of contemporary people and their dilemmas are taken from daily life and integrated in interactive technology and a theatrical and immersive exhibition design. Children take an active part in the exhibition. Everyone’s curiosity is aroused as they are learning by doing. Active participation engender a sense of ownership and empowerment.

Aad Hogendoorn. Superstraat