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Below you find our press media. Highres images are downloadable and free of rights, in case the museum name and context are mentioned.

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Hairpiece inspired by a lizard by hair artist Tomihiro Kono. Photo: Sayaka Maruyama

The world is yours 3 zaal door Concrete Blossom. Te zien in Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. FOTO Ouxu Cheng

Aida Muluneh, Star Shine Moon Glow, Water Life 2018. Commisioned by WaterAid

Hair installation by Clémence Lollia Hilaire (1995); ‘she sheds her hair like a snakeskin and produces cultural grease’; The Netherlands; 2022; worn synthetic hair, hair grease, cast lead, clay, wax. Loan

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Jurk_Iran_voor1883_Collectie Museum Volkenkunde_RV-503-270

Introduction room exhibition Hair Power at Wereldmuseum. Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Tentoonstelling Kolonialisme en Rotterdam
Overzichtsfoto tentoonstelling
Foto: Aad Hoogendoorn

This necklace features a walrus tooth fastened in place by countless donated braids. 19th century, Hawaii, human hair, ivory, plant fiber, twined.

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Liturgisch gewaad_Nederland_2018_Bruikleen van kunstenaar Alexandra Drenth

Maïmouna Guerresi, M-eating – Students and Teacher, 2012, Courtesy of the artist and Mariane Ibrahim

Overview photo of the Closeness and Intimacy room. Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

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CAFTAN WITH BELT_Fes,Morocco and Veghel,the Netherlands_2023_linen,silk_Mrs. Azzabi
Photocredit Alex Santos Lima