We would like to introduce ourselves

The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam became a partner of the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen (NMVW, National Museum of World Cultures) in May 2017. Since then it shares both the collection and mission with the NMVW. The NMVW locations are the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, the Afrika Museum in Berg & Dal, and Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. From 2023, these museums will continue under one name: Wereldmuseum.

General Director / Content Director - 
Marieke van Bommel & Wayne Modest

The Board of Directors is jointly responsible for the museum. The general director focuses mainly on governmental and administrative elements. The content director focuses mainly on the elements regarding content and societal responsibilities.

General director Marieke van Bommel / Content director Wayne Modest

Head of Programmes - 
Marielle Pals

Programming drives forward strategy and development of exhibitions, public programmes and education.

Marielle Pals - Head of Programmes

Head of Delivery and Realisation - 
Cindy Zalm

Delivery and Realisation drives forward the areas of projects, collection management and IT and initiates operational innovation.

Cindy Zalm - Head of Delivery and Realisation

Head of Operations and Services - 
Miep Huivenaar

Operation and Services drives forward all areas that support the primary museal tasks and public facilities including the shops, restaurants and hospitality services. 

Miep Huivenaar - Head of Operations and Services

Head of Public and Partnerships - Merel Hoestlandt

Public and Partnerships is the link between the museums and the public. We invite people to experience and participate in our public activities & exhibitions, both physical and digital.

Merel Hoestlandt, Head of Public and Partnerships
Merel Hoestlandt, Head of Public and Partnerships

Head of Research and Collections - Mirjam Hoijtink

Research and Collections drives forward all areas to do with intellectual access to collection, including research strategy, projects and programmes, collections interpretation and development. This includes policy questions such as provenance and the return of cultural objects. 

Mirjam Hoijtink
Mirjam Hoijtink - Head of Research and Collections