The role of hip-hop according to: Notes

The Notes platform was founded by and for Rotterdam youth. In The world is yours! they present the documentary The Party Never Ends (2022). Notes focuses on bringing the youth together and strengthening a sense of collectivity. In the documentary, Notes shows how the platform applies this mission to BBQs, for example, or block parties, organised in urban spaces that are currently changing due to gentrification.

Source photo 1: Kiara Timgrad, source photo 2: Brandon Broodje 

Romy Zhang: ‘These photos illustrate the meeting places that Notes facilitates with the goal of providing the safest possible space. Connection is the central theme.’

‘This is the flyer from the first event after the COVID-19 measures had been relaxed. Many young people suffered mentally from the pandemic. Notes felt the urge to support our peers by setting up a meeting place as soon as possible.’

Poster by Melike Önce
Photo 3: Melike Önce (graphic designer)

‘This photo featured in an editorial about a shirt that Notes released during the COVID-19 period. It illustrates Notes’ goal of providing their peers (young, creative makers and others) with tools to find their footing in the cultural landscape.’

Photo 4: Damon Vervoort
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