Our Story, Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam
6 January 2019

Our Story

Our Story - The World in Rotterdam.

This exhibition showcases the ties between the city of Rotterdam and our collection.


Ended | This exhibition was on display until 6 January 2019. 

The Wereldmuseum tells our story

The exhibition Our Story tells the story of the historic ties between the museum and the city of Rotterdam by going back to basics. On display are 31 objects from all corners of the world: artefacts both old and new, each with its own compelling story to be heard and discovered. A film recounts how the building and the museum came into being, how the first collections originated and which Rotterdammers were involved in the museum’s beginnings. In addition, we touch on our plans for the future.


Rotterdam is a global city, a wonderfully diverse city that is home to no fewer than 170 different nationalities. 127 of these nationalities are reflected in the Wereldmuseum’s collections. The museum was founded more than 130 years ago by citizens of Rotterdam whose work as scientists or traders meant they were exceptionally interested in the world around them. They collected out of a love for striking and beautifully made objects, but also to teach young merchants in this trading city more about other cultures.

Different subjects

Our story is an exhibition that encompasses a wide range of subjects, such as celebration, decoration, belief and conflict. These subjects illustrate the way in which people give meaning to their lives and the creativity with which they do so. They show the similarities as well as the differences between people of differing cultural backgrounds.

Shared stories originate in Rotterdam. The Wereldmuseum tells our story.

Our Story. Photo Aad Hoogendoorn
Our Story. Photo Aad Hoogendoorn