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Gifts and Bequests

The museum’s most important assignment is to manage the national anthropological collection. It is our mission to inspire more world citizenship and to therefore contribute to a better world. We broaden knowledge about how people shape the world together and we encourage empathy by sharing human stories, experiences and perspectives. We are a museum about people.

Would you like to donate an object or make a financial donation to the museum? Below you will find more information about gifts and bequests.

Contributing to our collection

Donors enable us to pursue the highest quality in achieving our mission. We make an ever-changing program of exhibitions, education and public programs for the most diverse and large audience possible. We conduct research and invest in the interpretation, accessibility and relevance of the collection.

It is possible to donate to the Wereldmuseum once or periodically.


To shape your special connection with the museum, you can also name the Wereldmuseum as your heir by will, or leave a bequest in the form of a specific amount or objects. You may even be thinking of a Named Fund. We are happy to discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you.

On the website of the Rotterdam initiative Ik Was Hier you will find more information about donating through your will.


The National Museum of World Cultures is designated as a Cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation). This gives you as a private person various possibilities to deduct up to 125% of the amount of your gift(s) to the foundation from your income tax. In the case of a gift for a period of at least five years, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration offers you even more benefits. To learn how this precisely works out in your situation, it is best for you to discuss this with your tax advisor.


Do you have questions about financial donations to Wereldmuseum? Feel free to contact Josine Hoogenraad on 088-0042916 or at josine.hoogenraad@wereldculturen.nl

You may make a donation to us by transferring an amount to IBAN NL17ABNA0516009311 in the name of Stichting Wereldmuseum Rotterdam.