Toko Superstraat

The store of Aga

Toko in Superstreet

A few weeks ago, Aga became the new owner of the toko in Superstreet. She is detirmened to make it a succes!

Do you want to help Aga?

Aga gets to know new products

Aga’s full name is Agnieszka. She’s 33 and her roots are in Poland. A few years ago she came to Rotterdam with her husband and two children. The baby was in born in Rotterdam.

The previous owners of the shop said they had products from all over the world in the shop. They knew all about them too… Aga didn’t know some of the products at all: wasabi, devil’s dung, so many different sorts of rice… So she’s quickly got to learn what world food she’s actually got in her shop.

Neighbours’ Day

Especially for Neighbours’ Day Aga has asked the people in the street for shopping lists of the things they often buy. She wants to add any missing items to her stock. Will you help check that she has everything? 

Aga’s customers speak many different languages. She really wants to learn these and is practising how to say ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’ in the languages spoken in Super Street. You can try this too!