Our museum is for everyone, regardless of whatever their background, age or disability. 

The Wereldmuseum plays a central role in society and therefore does everything it can to make the museum accessible to as many people as possible.

The building

In 1851 the Association of the Royal Yacht Club, which was chaired by Prince Hendrik, took possession of the elegant mansion on the Willemskade. In 1873 the Prince Hendrik Maritime Museum was established. After the prince's death, the building was turned over to the municipality, which decided in 1883 also to establish an ethnographic museum, much as Leiden and Haarlem had done. On 1 May 1885, the Museum voor Land- en Volkenkunde (Museum for Geography and Ethnology)—now known as the Wereldmuseum—opened its doors.

Wheelchairs & mobility scooters

The Wereldmuseum is easily accessible to wheelchair users. There are no obstacles and the elevator gives access to all floors. The museum also has several unmechanised wheelchairs for visitors. Mobility scooters are also permitted in the museum. 

More specific information about the accessibility of the building and the facilities can be found on the website of DUX

Admission for companions

Do you want to take a companion with you on your museum visit because of your disability? This is possible at the Wereldmuseum. A companion ticket allows one companion to accompany you free of charge. When booking your ticket online, select I have a valid ticket or discount voucher'. Your companion can then enter. You must buy a regular ticket for yourself.

Assistance dogs

Dogs and other pets are not permitted in the museum, except for assistance dogs and guide dogs for the blind, which must be kept on a lead. 

Tailored tours

At the Wereldmuseum, you can adapt a regular tour to suit your specific wishes or requirements. We have a wide range of options for additional guides, more time or to suit other requests. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for a tailored tour, please email

If you have other questions about your visit, please don't hesitate to contact us.