Hair as a material?

With the theme Hair for sale we encourage you to think about hair as a material. Can we ignore the symbolic meanings of hair and consider it a resource?

In many places around the world hair is used in products on a daily basis. In medical care, but especially in the beauty industry, there is a high demand for hair pieces and wigs made of ‘real’ and ‘untreated’ human hair.

Many inventive creators are exploring the special properties of hair in their studios. Their products question the differences between human, animal and fake hair. And whether we can use hair more often in making the world more sustainable.


Hair question: In the photo on the left you can see the structure of a sweater made of human hair. On the right photo you see the structure of a sheep hair sweater. Most people prefer to have the right sweater hanging in their closet. You too? And how would you substantiate your opinion?