Haarstuk geïnspireerd op een hagedis door haarartiest Tomihiro Kono - Foto Sayaka Maruyama

Hairy beauty ideals?

People spend many hours of their lives washing, styling, shaving, cutting, dyeing and accessorizing their hair. Once we feel confident about our hair, we can feel confident about ourselves.

Our mirror sessions in HA!R POWER are not just about vanity, but ask the questions: how can hair have the power to make us feel good about ourselves? Why can it hurt to lose our hair? And why does beautiful hair mean something different for everyone?

Check yourself! 

Through our hair, we consciously or subconsciously respond to our cultural and social contexts and communicate well beyond beauty ideals. When looking for what is at the heart of beautiful hair, you will come across stories about dignity and self-respect. Now take a look in the mirror or put your phone on selfie mode: how is your hair? What does that say about you and what your day is like?

Main image of the page: Hairpiece inspired by a lizard by hair artist Tomihiro Kono - Photo: Sayaka Maruyama